Ideas For Your Painting Business

Date Published: 06/25/2021

Written By Adam Lara

Are you looking for some new ideas for your painting business? With all the new competition, sometimes you need something to stand out. Here’s a list of painting business ideas you can try out for your own company:

Virtual Estimates

Homeowners are now very accustomed to receiving virtual estimates. Some even expect it. You can offer a virtual estimate by doing a video call with your customer where they walk you through their house. If you’re experienced enough, you can even provide a rough estimate after a regular phone call. There will be some things you can’t account for on a virtual estimate but that’s okay, the idea is to give them a pretty close ballpark price. Let the customer know that the price may change if there’s something you did not see during the virtual estimate.

Use WhatsApp to create a group for each job

Many messaging platforms let you do this. Here’s how I do it on WhatsApp: Create a new group for each job and add the staff members assigned to that job to it. Post the first message with all the job details (location, customer contact info, link to the scope of work, etc). This is meant as a staff group so I don’t recommend adding the customer to it. Your crew leader should post the following things to the group on every job:

  • Pictures of pre existing damage, paint drips, or anything you shouldn’t be blamed on later
  • Before pictures of the project
  • A screenshot of their initial text message to the customer so that you know they gave the customer their contact info
  • A daily picture of the work area in the morning so that you know they arrived to the job on time
  • A screenshot of their progress update text message to the customer. This way you know they are on top of keeping the customer informed.
  • After pictures
  • A picture of the receipt they give the customer at the end of the job.

And the staff can also use the group to ask questions about the job. This way all your communications stay separated by job.

Add a Scheduling Button to Your Email

A great way to reduce unscheduled calls from customers is to add a phone call scheduling button to your email. Here’s a video showing you how to do it:

Use Gmail as a CRM to automate your emails

Did you know Gmail has a templates feature to make responding to emails super fast? It also allows you to use a snooze button so you know when to follow up. Here’s a video tutorial on how to use Gmail as a CRM:

Expand into Commercial Painting

Commercial painting can be far more lucrative than residential painting due to the larger job sizes. And there’s plenty of commercial jobs to go around. You can start out by working for GCs but eventually you’ll want to reach out to property managers, facility owners, commercial real estate investors and other people that can give you large painting contracts.

Check our our in depth article on how to get commercial painting jobs.

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